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Carpet Cleaning

carpet & upholstery cleaning

C&R Sussex has many years experience and specialises in cleaning






-vehicle upholstery and carpets

interiors for mobile homes / static caravans

Restore carpets to their former glory removing odours & excess particulates from the environment

C&R Sussex have been cleaning all types of carpets in and around the Sussex area for over 40 years.
Our primary customer types are Commercial & Residential.

Commercial Carpet cleaning

C&R Sussex are currently contracted to work for many property management companies as well as end-customers such as schools, universities and small businesses. The challenges that we solve for these organisations include:

- Cleaning of communal areas to a required standard for lettings companies
- Minimising allergic reactions in schools by the application of bacterial treatments

- Beautification of carpets in hotels/tourist attractions to maximise customer experience

​-a user friendly insecticide ideal to eradicate any infestation of fleas, carpet moth flying insects.

-applying a powerfull  ph neutral deodoriser / sanatiser, non oxidising biocide that kills 99.999% of germs/bacteria

certified to EN1276, EN13727 and EN13697 

Residential carpet cleaning

C&R Sussex has cleaned thousands of residential properties from bed-sits, through large terraced houses to stately homes.

We have many repeat customers, some of which have been using our services  for over 30 years.

Our simple mantra of "do as you would be done by" means we achieve extremely high customer satisfaction and are always happy to rectify any problems - perceived or otherwise - should they occur.

​Why clean your carpet?

There are several benefits to carpet cleaning beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal of a fresh, clean and plump looking carpet. These include:

  • Stain removal – blood, tea, coffee, wine, paint, grease, oil, shoe polish, nail varnish, tar, chewing gum and ink are some of the most common disasters we remedy!

  • Safe Treatment for Dust mites fleas ,bed bugs and carpet moth, allergens, - remove these little critters and make your home your own once again!

  • Removing odours , pet stains urine and vomit

  • giving allergy relief for : asthma, eczema

  • eliminating bacteria germs and viruses with a powerfull non oxidising biocide that kills 99.999% of germs/bacteria certified to EN1276, EN13727 and EN13697

  • Carpet lifetime – having your carpets cleaned regular breathes new life into the fibres ,clean carpets wear less quickly as the fibres are not matted & brittle and being eroded by the presence of grime

  • maintaining any warranty you have on your carpets or upholstery

We use methods that are recommended and approved by leading carpet manufacturers, so you can relax knowing that your home is in safe hands.

    c & r Sussex can also offer to apply  a non toxic  protection treatment 

    to your carpets and soft furnishings to help prevent future stains and build up of soiling

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