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Window cleaning

We offer a very RELIABLE service using the latest 'reach and wash' system

at C & R Sussex it is very important to us to deliver our clients

the very best clean we can so we use the class leading system ionic “ reach and wash “

not only is this the safest way for us and our clients it is far more efficient

benefits from using this system are that we can clean velux / dormer windows with out the risks of damaging slates, gutters, sills, flower beds or lawns from ladder feet , more privacy as no one is at your upstairs windows , less noise and much more environmentally friendly as we produce our pure water from rain water as much as we possibly can .

it is often asked if we can clean windows in the rain and with this system yes that is possible

As the clean its self leaves no soap residue behind on the glass like older methods of window cleaning therefore not attracting as much dirt keeping your windows cleaner for longer

  • frames and sills always included in every clean

  • conservatories

  • shop signs

  • solar panels

  • upvc cleaning

  • cladding

  • fascias / soffits

  • conservatories

  • mobile homes / static caravans

solar panels

The main reason for cleaning Solar panels is that they work by allowing light into the solar cells. The more light that hits a panel, the more power it will generate. Due to the upwards of solar panels, they are more prone to bird droppings and a build-up of general dust and dirt that does not wash off with just rain . This reduces the amount of light hitting the panel and reduces its output. As the projected energy figures claimed by solar panel manufacturers and installers are based on the optimum performance of clean solar panels, this build-up of dirt can adversely affect the panel’s ability to meet those projections. So it is important to clean solar panels in order to protect and maintain your investment.  Regular solar panel cleaning will also help you to make the most of the government feed-in tariff some researchers suggests a loss of up to 30% if solar panels are left .

We find at C&R Sussex using the ionic reach and wash system on solar panels optimises efficiency as we use no chemicals so no residue attracting dirt or preventing optimum sun light reaching the solar cells

upvc cleaning

  • cladding

  • fascias / soffits

  • conservatories

  • mobile homes / static caravans

at c & r Sussex we feel it is never a good idea to use a high pressured jet washes

on upvs and conservatories as they can breach seals and cause water ingress problems

so we use the reach and wash system to clean upvc

or in more stubbornly dirty areas a method called soft washing using low pressure and a environmentally friendly chemical that is safe for us, our clients and all around us this is also supplied and manufactured by a local company in Sussex

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